Friday, December 21, 2007

Lucia Friday Night Free For All

Chat time!

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PM of NZ said...


Seasons Greetings to you. I have enjoyed the contributions on your blog, often lurking not posting - just too slow on dialup.

To you and all your readers, Merry Christmas and have a happy and safe New Year.

Lucyna said...

Thank you, PM of NZ!

And likewise to you as well.

Whaleoil said...

Hi all,

Just finished "the DC".....WOW...loved it.

KG said...

Merry Christmas Lucyna, to you and yours.

Lucyna said...

Hi Whale. I haven't read it as hubbie has it stashed somewhere, but I'm hearing good things from him too.

KG, thank you and Merry Christmas to you, too! Are you interested in meeting up sometime over the next few weeks? You don't live too far, from us as far as I can tell. I have a number of books you might like to read too - it's just a matter of choosing whichever direction takes your interest.

ZenTiger said...

Good evening folks. Thanks for dropping by. Have just dealt to a couple of extremely unhealthy Pizzas. Now to get the kids to bed and kick back and chillax.

And here was a previous strange conversation. Just the thing for a FNFFA.

pdm said...

Good evening folks it is a while since I joined the FFFA but I wondered if someone could help me with a bit of Auckland info.

My wife and I are coming to Rod Stewart at Vector Arena and need to organise a hotel or motel. Are we better to stay in central Auckland - say the Heritage or similar or at Parnell?

We just want to park the car and leave it wherever we are.

ZenTiger said...

Hi Whaleoil. Re DC: it's on my to do list to do a review. I'm finding it interests me more than Eve's Bite, but that's because the subject matter is probably of more interest to me at the moment. It is indeed, a surprisingly good read. And that's because the subject matter is much broader than I expected.

ZenTiger said...

pdm, I'm living at the wrong end of the North Island to be any help. This is probably going to be a quiet night, so I hope some Aucklanders can come through for you.

KG said...

That sounds like a fine idea, Lucyna. As Gecko just reminded me, we're absolutely, hopelessly out of our depth in any social situations, but even hermits ought to make an effort sometimes. So it's just a matter of co-ordination with our shifts and your convenience. (neither of us has more than the odd day off over Christmas)

Whaleoil said...

Zen/Lucyna DC has done more for my Christianity than any number of sermons that I care to gives one great ammunition to challenge new agers and is fantastic in debating the creation story.

PDM, The heritage is at the other side of the CDB from Vector, that said it would be a cheap cab fare.

A Parnell Hotel would be better, though I don't know of any from personal experience.

Personally I wouldn't walk around the bottom end of town at night, especially with the missus.

pdm said...

Thanks Whale Oil - I show my age a bit but is the South Pacific still there - corner of Customs and Queen Streets I think.

Another query - how far from the bottom of Queen St to Vector?

Whaleoil said...

It is but not sure what it is called now....time? 10 minutes if you wheeze when walking, 5 if you are trim, taut and terrific like me.

So folks how'd like our stunt this week?

MK said...

Merry Christmas folks.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Morning ALL

Morning after the night before, that is. Why do I always forget to pop on over on Friday night?

Let me wish all you good people a pleasant, restful and peaceful Christmas. May all your opinion polls continue heading in a North Easterly direction.

pdm Whaleoil is right. I strongly recommend you do NOT wander about that end of town late at night. Keep it simple and stay at the Heritage. Book a cab and pre-book one to pick you up and take you back to the Viaduct for 'apres event.'

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