Wednesday, December 19, 2007

ZenTiger Labour spend 5 million on 34 billboards

Now that Labour have pushed through the Electoral Finance Bill limiting third party spending to $120,000 they immediately launch a $5 million dollar billboard campaign.

Helen Clark defended the campaign expense:

"These billboards are mobile. Therefore they will reach more New Zealanders, and as such, represent value for tax payer money"

When asked what messages the mobile billboards delivered, Helen was quick to reel several campaign slogans off:

1. One law for the peasants, another for Labour.
2. A tax cut would mean a reduction in services. Limousine services.
3. Tougher Emission Standards. You, not us.
4. Tougher Emission Standards. It gets your car off the road so we don't queue.
5. My other car is a Ferrari.
6. If you don't like it, plant a tree.
7. Nothing retrospective validation cannot cure.
8. Uses less fuel than a jumbo jet.
9. Uses less fuel than a Ford Fairlane (when air conditioning is off).
10.If you can read this, I'm already at the rugby.

Related Link: Labour defends BMW fleet purchase

Climate Change Minister David Parker is hitting back at critics of a decision to buy new BMWs to transport government ministers and VIPs.

Internal Affairs is buying 34 of the $170,000 German vehicles to replace the current fleet of Fords and Holdens.

Critics, including the Green Party, claim the fuel efficiency of the vehicles is terrible and the purchase is all about status.

But Parker says the environmental effects have been taken into account and the BMWs will use less fuel than the current Ford Fairlaines.

5 comment(s):

Anonymous said...

They just get more stupid every day and its making it damned hard to parody them.


Anonymous said...

What's the bet they do an Al Gore and demand a recount when they lose in 2008!

KG said...

Or a Mugabe and announce their re-election by 99.9% of the voters?

MathewK said...

"..the BMWs will use less fuel.."

To the tune of around 80,000 dollars, only leftist scum can lie like that and get away with it.

MathewK said...

I suppose if they wanted to please the stupid Greens on fuel economy, they just needed to buy Lexus 460Hs instead, those are petrol/hybrid vehicles, bout the same price as the Beemers though, so they can only trumpet the fuel economy not the price, but then again when did the mad-left start caring about the taxpayer.

Check the bottom of this post, that's what these pollies remind me of.

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