Friday, December 28, 2007

ZenTiger Friday Night Free For All

It's Friday - and the last one for 2007. Stop by and say hello. Anyone preparing New Years Resolutions? Perhaps we can come up with a list for our various politicians and celebrities?

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ZenTiger said...

I just came from a thread at TBR that had managed to go so far off topic, I lost all interest in commenting. Updating myself by reading through the comments was just too much effort. Sigh.

Time for a glass of wine and something more relaxing methinks.

dad4justice said...

Zen, I have just come from the same thread at TBR and I am lost for words , however it is time for a speights .

God bless all .

Greg B said...

TBR? Please expand acronym.

1. Asassination of Bhutto. ROP (religio of peace) strikes again.

2. Horimea 'recalling' she was an MP.

3. The rise of Huckabee and his idea of scrapping federal tax and replacing it with a flat sales tax.

4. Is the raucous glee of well-paid NZ cricketeers at humiliating 3rd-world Bangladeshi teenagers "gentlemanly".

5. Didn't the National Geographic once have intriguing articles rather than climate-change cheerleading?

6. With unemployment so low why were there so many people at the City Missions?

7. Is this the year that all the perrenial overspending of NZers bites home?

ZenTiger said...

Speights? Yeah, right. Well, maybe. I ended up with a Monteiths Radler in my hand. Very zesty. Not bad on a hot summers day, but maybe not too many. Probably switch to a standard lager after one or two.

ZenTiger said...

TBR - The Briefing Room, the blog of Investigate Magazine editor Ian Wishart, which also features posts from fellow ex-Sir Humphreys blogger Andrei.

dad4justice said...

Yes Zen , life is good and I hope that the people of New Zealand find a strong social conscience in 2008 .

I just hope the Holy Spirit affects change down under first because we as a country desperately need our Father's divine intervention .

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Speights is bad for your health. It's almost as bad as that other unfiltered swamp water sold in South Australia.

Well, looky here, Mabel! Adolf remembered it's Friday.

How are youse all?

ZenTiger said...

Greg, re #7: ANZ Mastercard sent me a letter just before Christmas, telling me I was such a good customer they were raising my credit limit by another 50%. If I didn't want this "reward" then I had to phone them to cancel the increase.

This is pretty bad behaviour. The customer should have the option of opting in, not opting out. I rang to opt out, and it took over 15 minutes to get them to cancel the increase.

I wonder how many people accepted the extra credit offer and are now looking at a huge bill with high interest rates?

ZenTiger said...

Hey Adolf, thanks for dropping by. Friday. Hope you are armed with a red. And maybe a steak, delivered in an ex-government BMW 7 series (when they dump it in a year or two to get ones with shinier paint).

fugley said...

ADolf, I understood from Lucyna's post last week that we should all be friends, but you are trying my patience with your impugning of South Australian beer.

If you speak of Southwark, then we are still friends, if you don't like West End, that's alright by me.

BUT if you are impugning that fine drop, Coopers Pale Ale, then there's a fight to be had!

(Now wath d4j start ranting about vipers in his beer).

dad4justice said...

At least we drink beer not snake juice fudge cake .

Pat said...

Gidday zen,
Father clued me up to what you're really up to, (har har wanted to flick a few bob to Lucy, no chance of that now) but I won't give up on you son, keep on with the catechism and do some real work for Jesus down at the mission - better than drink any day, take it from me (the stories I could tell you Zen.) The devil's got his slimy fingers on the edge of your soul boy, watch out!
Mass all for you tomorrow zen,
in the name of of our pure Holy Mother, our life our sweetness and our Hope.
Yours in Magnificent Sorrow and Love,
(its never too late zen.)

Greg B said...

1. Pat, WTF?
2. Obligatory beer comment by a conservative.
3. I still think the Black Caps are gloaters.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

fugley, it's about the only thing on which we are likely to agree. Yes, it's Southwark.

As for Pat, well, just another prick headed for purgatory. Yes, sometimes it pays to be a Catholic.

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