Tuesday, December 4, 2007

ZenTiger A plan for every child

The Children's commissioner is well known for wanting a 'plan for every child'. This involves a massive database, with regular 'interviews' and assessments on how fit parents are to act as parents, with the full force of the State ready to step in and provide that lovable nannying that only a state can provide.

Meanwhile, the UK are reeling with personal details continually being lost as they post DVD and CD's around the postal system until they finally manage to lose them.

But more importantly than that is the death of a newborn after the mother was discharged from hospital 5 hours after a 30 hour intensive labour. This was on the same day one of the Health Boards suggested $100 grocery vouchers to convince mothers to discharge early.

Rather than a 'plan for every child' here is an opportunity for Dr Kiro to drop the bureaucratic posturing of appearing to be doing something, and focus instead of real and meaningful action.

A plan for EVERY child? The State can't even manage looking after the ones that are under their care. These issues will not be solved by another database and an army of social workers. Remember the recent plan to interview every mother in hospital and ask if they are being abused? Maybe staff were too busy conducting interviews to actually check vital signs? The solution is to spend money on front line resources and stop funneling so much resource into Nanny State initiatives.

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KG said...

Perhaps part of the solution too, is to stop paying teenage unemployed dope smoking girls to have babies.

MathewK said...

You folks have that there as well. Well it has its merits but it's tax payers money not Clark writing personal cheques or something.

Coming back to the nannying of the state, it's the same everywhere there are leftists in charge, all under the guise of good intentions, we are dragged down the road to hell.

I was watching on the PBS feed we get here about Venezuela, all that oil and all those social programs but staples like milk are a bit hard to come by.

Anonymous said...

My guess is Dr Kiro loves the idea of more trained wonderful caring social workers. And I'm sure in her mind it seems the right thing to do. I work with social workers and the truth is that while they care (in the beginning) they lack the basic ability to reason in addition to not having the facts. All heart no brains. But then the second stage sets in, when you see the same situations over and over and begin to talk in terms of 'them' the great lump of humanity that just can't look after themselves and the need to make peoples decisions becomes the driving force. Control freak and still no brains.

aladin said...

"Perhaps part of the solution too, is to stop paying teenage unemployed dope smoking girls to have babies."

wow, kg, and how are you gonna do that?


KG said...

aladin, I can think of a few ways...none of them would be acceptable to those who think it's fine to thieve my money to pay for other people's babies though.

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