Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lucia I need air-conditioning!!!

It's 29 degrees in my kitchen right now. Probably hotter right next to the stove. And my kitchen faces west.

I'm just too hot.

I used to have air-conditioning in my Sydney apartment, not to mention fly-screens. It's like slumming it out here just north of Wellington.

Ah well, at least we are close to the beach and I could see the sea from my kitchen window if I had the blinds up and wasn't blinded by the setting sun.

Brief respite from cooking ...

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KG said...

Come on, Lucyna--I'll give the same advice numerous Kiwis gave me when I was shivering and cursing my way through winter:
"toughen up!"

(just kidding)

Anonymous said...

Most women wouldn't be comfortable making the declaration "I'm just too hot".


Andrei said...

Think of the welfare of the planet.

How could you even consider air conditioning in these days of threatened polar bear extinction.

KG said...

They can't afford aircon, those bears?

KG said...

Afternoon storm.
Hi: 34C Low: 25C
see--the best of both worlds. Warmth and rain!

Lucia Maria said...

M, I thought that given the context, the readers would understand my use of the word. But I did pause and think about it!

Lucia Maria said...

KG, I admit, I'm a wimp! I learned how to deal with heat in Oz: head for the nearest mall with air-con and stay there until all danger of heat exhaustion has passed. If out in heat, stay under trees. Move very slowly, pausing often. Never buy or get into a car without air-conditioning. When home, turn on air-conditioner. Oh, and avoid old trains - their air-conditioning has most likely conked out due to the heat.

KG said...

Oh! We never used aircon in the Territory, just wound down the windows and during a day out in the bush on foot I'd drink around two litres of water, max.
Must admit though, that climbing back into the ute after it had been standing in the sun for a few hours was fairly unpleasant.
I don't think it's a matter of being a wimp (or not), just different conditioning and expectations of comfort perhaps?

Lucia Maria said...

Probably. Though, I have been putting up with a kitchen without air-conditioning in the summer for the fourth year in a row now, while thinking fondly back to my Lane Cove kitchen with more bench space as well as an air-conditioner.

When I first moved over to Sydney, I stayed for a while with a friend who gave us the shack out the back to sleep in. We had foam mattresses on the floor in a room that had regular cockroach visitors. It was really gross. I did get used to stepping on the things, though. And being bitten my mosquitoes and fleas from their kitten. It was nice to get out of there. I think that was the year of the swarms of bogun moths where you couldn't walk outside at dusk without hundreds of them flying into you. That was gross, too.

It's 27 degrees in the kitchen right now and that's not too bad yet. Luckily the sun is behind clouds tonight.

MathewK said...

Hot!! i thought you guys signed the Kyoto protocol and all that, what the hell!! There i was looking forward to a cooler summer, you mean the leftist windbags are selling us a dud, no way not the left, never..

"...climbing back into the ute after it had been standing in the sun for a few hours was fairly unpleasant."

Especially when you have to drive off quickly, you have to drive with finger tips and bang the wheel through the turns.. fair amount of cussing too :)

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

how I'd love +29

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