Thursday, January 22, 2009

ZenTiger Obama: The same old change

Every-one seems to be cashing in on the Obama change fest. I had to laugh at Scoops top 8 stories today - all Obama, and the first 3 so typical.

First, it was a press release from the leader of the opposition (has anyone told him he's not the PM?) saying how good Obama's speech was.

The second story was a press release from the NZ Labour Party gushing over Obama. Tthe chicken just keeps on running even when the head has been lopped off.

The third story was a Greens press release. Obama must have mentioned that America was going to ban light bulbs because the story was "Obama's Green Leadership better than National" or some such winge.

Obama's inaugural speech was inspiring though. And who better than John Stewart from the Daily Show to pick it apart? Have a look at this:

Changefest 09 - Obama's Inaugural Speech

And Scrubone takes a more serious look at how much the boat will rock: The same old change

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I.M Fletcher said...

I haven't got broadband so I can't watch the video, but I caught Jon Stewart last night on TV and it was plain weird...

He does this thing where he takes off Elmo from Sesame Street but calls him Gitmo - one of the prisoners being held at Guantanamo Bay. It started off kinda amusing, but then he started spouting platitudes and got really weird..

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