Saturday, January 3, 2009

ZenTiger Tumeke Stats for December 2008 and more

Like lemmings off a cliff, our stats have plummeted rather like a brick. Not surprising really. December was unofficial holiday month. Our output was about half the number of posts as usual. The election was over, and Labour was out. As each week went by, the government accounts grew worse and Goff was no doubt relieved the media couldn't find the energy to castigate them as deserved.

National have been off running, rushing and pushing legislation through with ill-considered haste. I couldn't be bothered keeping up. If only they removed bad legislation as quickly.

The world-wide financial crisis continued to dominate, with a 40 billion dollar pyramid scheme coming to light. Just the kind of thing that gives capitalism a bad name. To many, capitalism is just another word for greed. That applies as much to the financial institutions and top level management as it does their traditional enemies - the communists, anarchists and too frequently, even the socialist. Until we resolve the issue of greed, capitalism (to mis-use the term) will over-promise and under-deliver. The danger is that the pendulum swings too far the other way of course, which is why you will see from me as much defense as criticism, depending upon the context.

Finally, we ended the year with Israel cracking under the pressure of daily rocket fire. Amazingly, they've managed to take out some of the bad guys! Not surprisingly, they have also managed to kill many innocent people. We (democratic countries and the western world) really need to get to grips with some better counter-terrorism strategies. Shock, awe and mass destruction doesn't work when the combatants hide amongst the children. It creates more enemies and martyrs than it destroys.

Although that point might be moot given that Israel is targeted for destruction irrespective of what they do. Solution? Don't look at me. I have no idea. I support their right to self defence. I am distressed so many innocents are being killed. Rock and hard place.

The United Nations is predictably useless, as usual. As George Orwell so rightly pointed out, we can often reverse the name of the government (or quasi-government) organisation to arrive at the truth of the matter. Thus, the dis-united Nations provides some inkling as to why it is governed in treacle and acts in marshmallow. Time for some serious reform. How about trimming some of the membership this year? Let's start with Zimbabwe. Why should they have a vote and a voice until they can perform to a standard, as low as that would have to be for the UN to continue to exist?

But I digress. This post is about the blog stats, to save Tim of Tumeke some time. so let's lay it out and get on with 2009. This could be a pretty tough year, yet at this stage I feel optimistic. What's that saying? "Confidence is something you feel just before you actually understand the situation." Sounds about right. Nevertheless, I wish all our readers a Happy and Prosperous 2009.

Stats for December 2008:

A. Visitors: 4,211 (down from 6,323)
B. Pageloads: 6,619 (10,856)
C. Average Daily Unique Visits: 136 (210)
D. Alexa World Ranking: 354,985 (last month approx 350,000)
E. Alexa NZ Ranking: 743 (last month approx 650)
F. Technorati Authority: 51 (55)
G. Technorati Ranking: 109,939 (109,900)
H. Number of Posts: 35 (62)
I. Average Weekly Posts: 8 (14)
J. Average of Highest Weekly Comments: 33 (45)

TUMEKE SCORE (C)136 + (F)51 + (I)8 + (J)33 = 228 (324)

Ranking previous months: [XX,24,23,15,22,21,19,18,16,22]
Scores Previous Months: [324,301,330,367,280,327,329,343,362,263]

Note: Sometimes the scores Tumeke record are a few points out from my recordings, as Tumeke may check Technorati and Alexa ratings several days after EOM, and they tend to fluctuate to some degree.

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