Sunday, January 11, 2009

ZenTiger Patrick Dunn's name taken in vain

It appears the recent letter to the editor from Auckland Bishop Patrick Dunn is a forgery.

Some-one has written the letter in his name. This is either an act of stupidity (it was fairly obvious the lie would be found out) or a deliberately diabolical act to generate more media attention.

Probably the former, and right about now whoever did it needs to reflect on the dangers of sin, even when supposedly for a greater good.

Unfortunately, Bishop Dunn did not take the opportunity to confirm the sentiment of the letter, and has naively said that he would not comment on issues in another diocese. I say unfortunately, because this issue is not restricted to the Wellington diocese.

The bishops of New Zealand must now get together and make a broader statement on this issue, rather than leaving it as a matter for the diocese.

It appears that if they don't, some-one will for them.

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*Update 6:32PM - corrected Bishop Dunn's title. The dangers of brain dump and run.

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Seán said...

I hope that if the bishops do get together to make a broader statement it will be about the peace and justice sorely needed in the region and not about this silly Fr Burns incident which is now overblown and has gone on long enough.

The actions of Fr Burns were misguided, the apology by his bosses made, time to move on.

Anonymous said...

Bugger. I actually thought Bishop Dunn might have had the fortitude to make the statement that was in the media.

But I agree Zen: writing the letter in Bishop Dunn's name is not just stupid, but also illegal. And it doesn't serve anyone except the scoffers.

ZenTiger said...

Sean, in the scheme of things it seems a small matter, but already being made much bigger.

The letter writing incident only revisits it. I see today Michael Laws putting in a subtle dig about the fringe lunatic Catholics because obviously what Fr Burns does as Mr Burns also reflects on the Catholic Church in the minds of many.

Our Canterbury Atheist friend who comments here sees it as irrefutable proof of the Catholic Church being anti-semites. Whilst he may be starting from a conclusion to discover the proposition, he is unfortunately not alone.

There is much good commentary coming out on this latest tragic chapter of Israel and Palestine history, and any comments I make on this are indeed trivial. At least I can comment about something closer to home to offer a broader perspective on how important I feel it is for the Catholic Church to be leaders and outspoken on matters of conscience and morality - and Fr Burns reminds us that the manner of action taken can be significant.

In this case, in significant error, rather than insignificant error.

Seán said...

It is only made significant by those who want it significant.

And mentioning Canterbury Atheists to support your point...

I agree with this though - "how important I feel it is for the Catholic Church to be leaders and outspoken on matters of conscience and morality".

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