Monday, June 6, 2011

Fletch Friday Night Free For All

Goodness! It's Monday, and we haven't posted the Friday Free-for-all. Everyone must be on holiday. Hope you're all enjoying the long weekend, despite the weather!

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Lucia Maria said...

Hi Fletch,

What a good idea! FNFFA on a Monday! I'm just waiting for my potato/bacon/leek/cheese thing to cook properly in the oven before I do more to it and put the brocolli and the calamari on, as I have to put more cheese on it and broil it.

My posts have become too complicated to post. I am working on ... 5 at the moment. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Wanaka was warm this weekend (relatively speaking since it's June) - great for relaxing but not so good for those waiting for the ski season to start.

Going there meant we missed the Steampunk celebrations in Oamaru - always lots of fun.

KG said...

Evenin' all. We're waiting for a plumber to come from 80k away to restore our water supply. An amateur earthmoving idiot chopped through the pipe again. grrrrr...

Lucia Maria said...

Hi HomePaddock and KG!

HP, I have a friend who is into the steam punk thing, so I at least know what it is! :)

KG, No water! That does not sound good. Last week I almost got locked in the bathroom because the latch on the door wasn't retracting properly. Now we have a new latch (courtesy of a locksmith) and all is good, except for the broken tap handle, which we are waiting for the plumber on.

Life is full of complications. Constantly.

KG said...

"Life is full of complications. Constantly."
So true. But it keeps us on our toes, eh?
We just booked three nights in a cabin in Gilgandra at Barney's Caravan Park and Akropolis Motel....should be interesting.At least it'll be quiet.

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