Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Andrei If I get to the airport tomorrow to find they've cancelled my flight I'm gonna make this face >:-O

Poor N.

She's in Perth and has had a rough week and now a long planned break to visit her sister in Melbourne today is in jeopardy due to a Chilean volcano.

Her facebook post about her concerns is my title.

It all goes to show how puny we really are in the face of nature.

And yet according to the doomsayers it is humanity that is destroying the world - the Herald has an article this a.m. on how we are wrecking the ocean. Doom and Gloom boilerplate, it is worse than we thought and the end is nigh.

I reckon life is a challenge for us as individuals and for us as a species. And it throws curveballs, like earthquakes, tornados, volcanic eruptions and personal illness which mess up our plans and which we have to negotiate as best we can.

Is the ocean really dieing? I doubt it, nature mocks us and our efforts to tame it. We like to think we are all powerful and in control (and if you are of a certain mindset evil destroyers) but really we are storm tossed and making the best we can of what life throws at us.

Update: Well my little big girl just boarded the plane 4½ hours late but she is on her way. never the less. Watch out Melbourne she's on her way.

Update 2: Or not as the case may be, she's back in the airport for another 2 hours at least.

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Lucia Maria said...

The biggest disasters recently have been to do with forces of nature - the on going trauma in Christchurch shows that.

I hope N. gets her holiday!

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