Thursday, June 30, 2011

Andrei Self absorbed actress whines about facing prejudice

New Zealand-raised actress Anna Paquin says she faces a lot of "prejudice" because she's bisexual.
Actually nobody really cares, most people are to busy getting on with their all too real non glitzy lives to even notice Anna Paquin's bisexuality.

And the only reason it would ever come to their attention is because Anna Paquin herself chooses to blather about it publically this taking the form of an "oh poor me whine" about being prejudiced against.


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Lucia Maria said...

I feel sad for her. She's a woman, yet she is attracted to both men and women, and I presume she acts on that attraction. These desires are a way of enslaving her to her baser nature and prevent her from seeing clearly where the prejudice* really comes from.

* self condemnation from her own soul.

KG said...

It's all publicity, Andrei and that's all this is about.

Muerk said...

She's married to a man so I suspect she does not act on her attraction for women.

KG said...

Who gives a damn? Apart from her agent, that is....

Lucia Maria said...


She must have a pretty strange marriage if she's still talking about herself being bi-sexual then.

cannibalrabbi said...

Durty hoor!

That's what an "actress" is though, eh?

Or have i missed a meeting again?

Got to get my hands on a calendar!

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