Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Andrei He calls his father Uncle George

A singularly depressing read from the NYT about a modern family, a three year old boy, his late middle aged single mom and his sperm donor dad.

And his dad is involved in his life but finds it wearisome and a chore, takes no joy from his son whatsoever and who calls him "Uncle George" rather than dad or one of its synonyms.

A choice quote from the article
“Some of the strictures that were used to organize society don’t fit human change and growth,” said Ann Schranz, chairwoman of the Alternatives to Marriage Project, a 10-year-old organization. “What matters to us is the health of relationships, not the form of relationships.”

Well call me old fashioned but the relationships described in this article, particularly the Father/Son one which it highlights are not indicative of "health of relationship" to coin a phrase.

Anyway here is the article, read it and feel your mood drop: Baby Makes Four, and Complications

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Anonymous said...

I really feel sorry for the child, who has a right to grow up with a mother and father. These idiots are conducting a social experiment on a child.

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