Friday, June 24, 2011

Andrei Trainwreck

The mob is circling, they smell blood, they want Alasdair Thompson's head on a pike. They will quite possibly get it.

I heard him on the radio yesterday, heard what he said and knew then that a perfect storm would follow.

And it has, his interviews on TV3 last night were disastrous. They were edited of course to make him look as bad as possible but he did loose his cool, a huge mistake in this age of soundbites and twitter.

It's all a game really, a little more civilized than it was in medieval times when he would have been pelted with rotten cabbages before possibly being dispatched in gruesome matter but much the same in principle - those who would rule stir up the mob and the mob responds to do their will.

I don't suppose it will ever change, human nature being what it is, but I wont play along.

This is all about trying to get a piece of left wing grievance legislation passed and if blood must be spilled (metaphorically speaking) along the way so be it.

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ZenTiger said...

I wasn't particularly impressed with his line of logic, but I'm a little concerned that anything that is said in this country that attacks liberal values or hints at "un-modern" views is a hanging offense, and will stifle free speech.

Proving once again, Liberals are only tolerant of liberal values.

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