Sunday, June 26, 2011

Andrei Satan's trojan horse

New York State is the latest to succumb to the absurdity of so called "Gay Marriage".

Of course "Gay Marriage" is an oxymoron, the institution of marriage came about because of the way humans reproduce and the benefits that accrue from the partnership of both parents, one male, the other female in raising the offspring produced from their pairing.

The benefits that societies bestowed upon married couples were never a "right". Rather they were a recognition of the fundamental importance of raising the next generation to continue after the present generation has gone and encouragement of the same.

Of course the great deceiver Satan hates human fulfillment and happiness and wishes to degrade humanity as much as possible, drag us down into the cesspit and keep us there, perhaps for eternity.

He has fooled many, particularly the elites, who unwittingly go along with his agenda as they have in New York State.

Still what can we do, we live in a society the countenances the mass murder of infants because their continued existence would interfere with the "fulfillment" of one or both of their parents or something.

The fact that the singularly most important thing that we will do with our lives is to bring forth the next generation to carry on where we leave off is totally lost in the effort to achieve temporal and temporary pleasure.

Which leads to a pointless and meaninglessness existence which afflicts many as the consumption of drugs, both legal and illegal only too well attests.

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KG said...

Good post, Andrei. Francis Porretto over at Eternity Road has one up on the subject too.

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