Saturday, February 14, 2009

ZenTiger Free Parking

Some drivers deserve their cars crushed, before they crush some-one else. This appears to be a growing theme. In the spirit of equality, it's not just boy racers who have their cars under threat but drivers caught over the limit.

This has a charming synchronicity with other efforts to lower the blood/alcohol limits in order to increase revenue and save lives.

If the Government wants the trifecta, they need to promise that proceeds from fines and scrap metal will go towards improving the roads. Just like the, err, petrol taxes.

Whilst we muse this over, have a look at this video. Imagine what this women could achieve with 6 gin and tonics in her, and a bigger engine:

I suspect putting in centre lane barriers to remove the chance of a head-on collision on our state highways would probably make a huge difference to fatalities - it seems to me we have made a great dent in the road toll even as the number of cars on the road increase. What's lagging is the roading infrastructure.

As for car crushing as a solution to a problem, the problem is a very generic one, and doesn't seem to be discussed enough. The problem is the people being caught are often repeat offenders. If they get caught driving drunk, the next time they are caught driving drunk and disqualified. Take away their car, and the time after that, they are caught driving drunk and disqualified in some-one else's car.

Let's get some statistics on the number of repeat offenders, for all offenses, and if they are paying their fines, serving their time, doing their community service etc and work out how society can deal with this class of people. The unrepentant.

It's like playing monopoly and three corners say "free parking"; and one says "no need need to pay, collect $200". Something's missing.

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KG said...

Frightening, when you consider what she could have done on the highway...

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