Friday, February 27, 2009

Lucia Friday night free for all

Well, it's Lent. Lent started on Wednesday and counts down the 40 days to Easter. Friday was typically a day of fasting and penitence for Catholics. And no meat! Alot of that has gone out the window, but it will come back.

So, here's to a meatless Friday!

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Good evening everyone.
I'm afraid we are eating meat here tonight at Barnsley Manor.
But had Kerikeri a decent chippie ,well we might join in.
You have to go to Pahia for decent fish and chips.

Might give up sex for lent.
It involves little/no sacrifice!

Oh, the rain has arrived and it is pretty heavy.

Lucia Maria said...


You know, sex outside of marriage is a sin, therefore wouldn't count as something you give up for Lent. And sex with self is also a sin, so is porn ... not many options there!

And, if you were married, denying your spouse sex would also be wrong.

Can't do sex as something you give up.

Coffee, however ...

dad4justice said...

Good evening everybody.
Take care, as things are going to get rather crazy in the future.


I think we best talk about coffee then.
The trouble with small town New Zealand is that the cafes shut after Saturday lunchtime.
Last week, I was trying to get a flat white in Kerikeri last Saturday afternoon and the cafes were closed.
I had to go to a bar and drink Speights!

Lucia Maria said...

Hi D4J!

Oh no, FFM! I've recently rediscovered the joys of plunger coffee after getting totally sick of tea. Now that I've started making tea in a pot without the leaves, the old tea bag just doesn't do it for me anymore. And, there's only so much accidental drinking of tea leaves that I can take. I need a finer sieve.

How long are you going to be staying up there for?

Lucia Maria said...

We really need to fix up our recent comments... Zen?

dad4justice said...

"I had to go to a bar and drink Speights!"

Yum, yum, cheers FFM. Good Southern Men always like a good ale or two.
Haha, must go, got sonic on the ropes over at kiwiblog.

Lucia Maria said...

Sonic? Is he still around?

I suppose I don't get out enough.

dad4justice said...

Hi Lucyna, yes sonic has appeared back on blogosphere after a 4 month absence. I keep very close tabs on the communist cretin.


Evening again.
We have beans and we put them in a grinder and then have them in the plunger and that is very good coffee.
Barnsley has a really good coffee grinder.

Yes, i love my speights old and the other dark beers.

Barnsley is cooking dinner tonight.
We have having a mixture based on beef schitznel , tomoatoe, mushrooms and onion.

And as I have had a pint of rum and coke, I am now getting very hungry.

Lucia Maria said...


it's amazing you can still type straight with that much alcohol in your system!

Dinner sounds very nice.


I don't envy anyone keeping track of Sonic. I always found him too boring to even read.


I don't think I will be posting later.
But that's before I start on the bubbles.
I found some of Adolf's favourite Aussie bubbles in the bottle store earlier.
And Barnsley has opened a bottle.
But there will be some left over for Adolf when he visits on Sunday afternoon.
Adolf told me about the Yellowglen vintage and it is very good.
Liquorland? I think has it on special at $14 instead of $20.
It's just down the road.
Very nice bubbles too.
Adolf was in the Waikato when he rung me this afternoon.

Grant said...

Good evening all. Preparing for a bit of rough weather here in west Auckland. Which is a pain as I was looking forward to Saturday sport with the young bloke.
Noted sonic was back at kb, but hey, there's always static on the dial between stations, if you get my drift.
Just ignore him and he may depart again.


Evening Grant, what is happening in your world?
Yes, the rain is very bad.
It has rained much since my arrival at Barnsley Manor.

ZenTiger said...

Evening all.

Yes, getting closer to fixing up the template and blog widgets. Have been too busy to set aside the two or three hours I need to test and then apply the changes.

Hopefully, will be getting back to a post a day soon too. Just had a flick through the papers, and looks like there's new material arriving daily.

So many idiots, so little time.

Madeleine said...

We had a lovely lamb mince, tomato and pea curry with rice for dinner and I am washing it down with a nice red right now.

Madeleine said...

Given there are so many No Minister bloggers around this lovely evening may I renew my quest for No Minister to link to MandM?

Madeleine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Madeleine said...

Widget battling can take some trial and error. When we changed templates I couldn't believe how complex it was to sort the widgets - it stretched me to the edge of my comfort zone and I am qutie tech/geek/math happy.

ZenTiger said...

I like the M and M template. Good job.

This current one we are using looks like a dogs breakfast in a brown paper bag.

I miss the Sir Humphrey's template which was powered by Drupal.

The Blogger platform has improved a lot but still has annoying limitations. Just can't be bothered going through the pain of sorting out a domain name and account all over again, and then delving into Drupal. Blogger wins on convenience.

Lucia Maria said...

I kind of like the dog's breakfast, but, do want comments that work. I think we should go back to our original boring, basic template ... I can't believe I just said that!

Lucia Maria said...

Drupal ... I really liked drupal. *Sigh*

Madeleine said...

MandM is powered by blogger. You just need to work through the issues - it is do-able.

I was going to use your template, had it book marked for ages but you bet me to it so I had to go with something else. It looks great, you just need to get it finished - what are you stuck on?

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