Sunday, February 8, 2009

Lucia Inflicting Helen on the world

The New Zealand Government is providing strong support for the candidacy of Helen Clark for the position of Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Prime Minister John Key confirmed today.

“Helen Clark’s application for this senior position in the United Nations system has the full and formal endorsement of the New Zealand Government,” Mr Key says.

Oh great! We're going to inflict Helen Clark on the world. And the National Government is supporting this wonderful idea to ensure that Helen leaves New Zealand. So, rather than letting her fade into obscurity as a feted national icon (to some) - the developing world will have her ruling over them with the power of the UN behind her.

Surely NZ could do better than this. Pull the moral high ground or something and talk the UN out of this rather than putting her forward!!!

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Note: Picture was part of my Helen Clark, Fashion Crime post a few years back. The post may or may not still exist, but I still have the picture!

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ZenTiger said...

Perhaps John Key thinks that with Helen Clark as head of the third world development funds, New Zealand will be well placed for economic aid.

Apparently, we are only months away from being able to qualify...

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