Monday, February 16, 2009

ZenTiger Osama buys Kiwi Made?

Two prisoners were sitting in their cell talking, one said to the other: “You're getting out in a couple of weeks, so are you going straight or going back into Politics?"

And speaking of politics, Matt Robson, Deputy Leader of Jim Anderton's Progressives really loves Cuba. But first, a message from our sponsors:

WSD Global Markets Ltd. is one of the fastest growing financial services companies in New Zealand offering clients across the globe exceptional, personalised services with the help of modern trading tools and state-of-the-art trading software which is sophisticated, user-friendly and provides a winning edge.

Oh, I'm distracted by this advertisement. This company sounds brilliant. And with the markets in such a turmoil, maybe these guys are the ticket?

WSD Global Markets Ltd. is the choice of beginners, experienced individual investors, institutional investors, fund managers and/or corporate institutions looking to safely and securely invest in Foreign Exchange, Precious Metals, Futures, Options, CFDs and virtually every financial instrument.

Well if I had any doubts, then surely this dispels all such thoughts? These guys are specialists in everything. And they fill the market niche of catering only for anybody, and have developed expertise in the narrow field of "virtually every financial instrument". How good is that?

WSD Global Instruments chairman is none other than Matt Robson, Deputy Leader of Jim Anderton's Progressives.

Wow, an ex-MP that admires Cuba and its communist structure now the chairman of a dirty capitalist company. Fancy Robson being a closet capitalist. Who would have known? Now who are it's customers then?

With customers such as Osama Bin Laden, you know your money will be invested in ethical projects

WTF? Well, OK, it's not that simple.

As Matt Robson prepares to get this company listed on the NZ Stock exchange, questions have been raised by Ian Wishart on who the investors behind the investors might be. And I don't mean the paltry 5,000 shares that National MP Richard Worth has staked.

I guess Matt is worried that the float will sink if there is any whiff of terrorist nut job associated with the shareholders, with the possible exception of the PLO or Hamas.

Maybe the acid test is "Would Keith Locke invest in this company?"

Read the latest from Ian Wishart in the 13 February 2009 edition of TGIF and decide for yourself. Wishart's already been threatened with a public lynching and a holiday in Cuba, not to mention being lawyered to death. And that was before Robson even read the article.

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Adolf Fiinkensein said...

This just confirms my belief that as far as the National Party goes, Richard is Worth Less. What a lame brained dipshit.

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