Friday, February 11, 2011

Lucia 1900 year old Roman road found in Britain

A raised Roman road, built about 1900 years ago has been found in Britain. Amazingly enough, it shows no signs of potholes. Though, considering it has lasted nearly two millennium, it looks like the builders new how to built a road. Or trucks never ran on it.

What I found amusing is the number of times the article referred to the Romans as "invaders", considering that the invasion brought Britain into the civilised world.

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MK said...

On the potholes, probably because there weren't any stupid leftards around passing various regulations on road building. :)

On Britain being dragged into the civilised world, the leftards there probably prefer to be crapping in holes and slaughtering each other, the good ol' days.

Never the less, they don't have to complain too much, they're being dragged back to the good ol' days by their beautiful muslim guests.

James Stephenson said...

Still believing the version of history written by the Romans then Lucia? I heartily recommend Terry Jones' series "Barbarians"...the Celts were a very civilised people before the Romans came to steal their gold.

Lucia Maria said...

I suppose it's how you define civilization, really. This is where the noble savage comes from, the virtues of barbarians have been inflated, and thus any takeover by a superior civilization of a backwater is considered a tragedy.

Psycho Milt said...

I don't think anyone these days considers the Roman invasion of England a "tragedy," but there remains the straightforward fact that the Romans were "invaders." If there is some sense in which foreigners landing military forces in your country, defeating your forces in battle and taking over government of the place isn't an invasion, I'm not sure how you could realistically define the term.

Lucia Maria said...

I'm not saying it wasn't an invasion, I'm just noting how the article is hung up on the fact that the Romans invaded them, as if it happened yesterday. Since the initial invasion occured, the Britons enjoyed centuries of Roman rule and lifestyle. But you'd think, from the article, that the Romans invaded,stayed for a bit and then left, much like pirates did years later. As if this invasion is still a blow to their pride.

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