Friday, February 4, 2011

Fletch Friday Night Free For All

Seems to have been forgotten, so I'm posting it :)
Hope everyone had a good week!

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ZenTiger said...

Hi Fletch. Thanks for carrying the flag.

I have had a pretty good week I think. It has been very busy. And using my amazing powers of looking into my diary I think it is going to get even busier. Yikes.

Lucia Maria said...

Thanks, Fletch.

I was going to title my previous post as the Friday Night chat, but, it just didn't seem appropriate.

I've had a busy week. My oldest started highschool this year after nearly 4 years of homeschooling. It's his birthday this weekend, so I'll be baking a cake for him tomorrow morning and getting snacks ready.

Next week we settle properly into our routine, as I've just mostly been organising myself, our educational stuff and all the workspaces, plus waging a flea war in the house.

Cats are all dosed up with Frontline (costs $75 for 6 doses) and they have been for months. Unfortunately, I gave them a break from it in winter, and somehow the fleas have got into the house. I'm loathe to bomb, and so far have been pulling out all the furniture, vacuuming and spraying the carpets with this carpet spray for fleas and their eggs, plus other insects.

What with the fleas, mosquitoes and sandflies that we have out here, I'm going a little crazy with all the biting insects we have out here!

I.M Fletcher said...

Lucia, sounds very . . itchy :)

Have you tried one of those Raid can things that you put on the wall and they spray every 8 mins or so? My folks have a similar thing called an Eco-Mist which they swear by, but I noticed the Raid one is on sale (or was when i looked on Wednesday) at Countdown for half price ($15 instead of $30)

Only thing is, it won't kill fleas. Just Flies, spiders, ants, mosquitoes, cockroaches and spiders.

I.M Fletcher said...

Opps, my mistake, it is the Mortein one on special, and it says it does fleas also.

Lucia Maria said...


Yeah, I looked at that for quite a while in the supermarket the other day. The problem is that it can't be used in pet sleeping areas, and those are the main rooms I'd want to put them in.

I do use a little blue pad on a plug that kills mosquitoes, but I don't have it on all the time. And the sand flies don't come in the house, they just get me when I go out to the garden without insect repellent on. Actually the mosquitoes do as well.

It took me a while to figure out that we had a flea problem, as I'd do spot sprays and the problem would go away for periods of time and then come back, and then I wasn't sure which bug was doing the biting.

Now I know I just have to spray all the carpets and probably let off a couple of bombs (which apparently work for 9 months) in the sunroom and lounge.

Did you know that if you see fleas inside, that they are 5% of the flea population - you have many more that are eggs or larvae, likely to be in the carpet? Ewwww...

I.M Fletcher said...

Eww, that is not a good

I.M Fletcher said...

More "tolerance" from the Left I see, in a new play called The Last Supper, where Liberals invite Conservative guests for dinner and, well, kill them...

I bet if it was the other way around there'd be an outcry and mention of the Arizona shootings...

Lucia Maria said...

Well, on the positive side, apparently this season has been very bad for fleas. So, normal flea control hasn't been enough.

It makes me feel better to know I'm not the only one!

Lucia Maria said...


Yes, the blood lust of the left is showing.

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