Sunday, February 13, 2011

Andrei In the hours of deepest darkness angels sing

Here's an interesting article from the Guardian of all places: Faith in the darkest of moments.

It's by a psychologist who treats the victims of torture and her observation that in the darkest times after feeling alone and abandoned her patients felt the presence of God.
I have heard reports of angels singing comfort, of Mary and/or Jesus whispering to them, of feeling the formless touch of the Divine, of a dream of a prophet or a saint that was real. I have even had multiple reports of literal, physical divine intervention at intense moments of need, in one case dramatically saving the life of my client.

I believe that they are telling the truth. People who invent such stories tend to do so regularly as a result of their inability to distinguish internal and external reality or their compulsion to invent extreme stories, and hence would exhibit ongoing and multiple signs of psychosis and/or personality disorder.

However, beyond displaying typical impacts of deep trauma, 100% of the clients who reported such miraculous interventions in my clinic room were perfectly sane. I can therefore only come to the professional conclusion that these reports are, to the best of our knowledge, generally true.
This is unusual Guardian fare and the last paragraph in particular has thrown many of the story's commenters into a loop, check out the comment thread.

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bruddah said...

What a beautiful article, thanks Andrei. There was no direct challenge to unbelief, simply an assertion of faith. Yet it really stirred the hornet's nest and a lot of ungracious bile was vented by the morally and intellectually conceited.

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