Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Andrei Trap for young players

My daughter has moved to Australia today - to start her new career as nurse.

I am proud, excited, glad and sad. (She is the second of my children to make this move).

Anyway there were two old cars, one hers and one her sisters. Cars that were well past it and hadn't been used in some time.

So off to the wreckers they went.

Now here's the thing - not being used the registration on both had not been kept up.

Here's the trap when deregistering a car unless you have applied for the registration to go on hold they sting you for the unpaid registration up until the day before you de-register the car.

We just shelled out 7 months registration on a car that hasn't been driven in fourteen months and another two months for the other.

Don't seem right to me but if you are taking a car off the road even temporarily go to the post shop and get it temporarily de-registered.

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Lucia Maria said...

That just sounds like profiteering by the government. Totally typical and unjust.

I hope your daughter's career in Australia goes well for her.

Glenn said...

That sucks, but to be fair, the government doesn't know how long it has been since you last used it.

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