Friday, February 11, 2011

Fletch Friday Night Free For All

What-ho, all (as Bertie Wooster used to say, before he gained an American accent and became House).
Hope you all had a good week. I have the fan on full blast here. It's still very muggy and humid in Auckland.

Feel free to chat...

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homepaddock said...

There's an autumnal feel to mornings and evenings down here in North Otago - sigh.

ZenTiger said...

Evening all, checking in late again. Probably crash soon. It is a little crisp in Kapiti now, but the last two days have been glorious, and today very hot. It's cooling off outside, but the house has retained the heat, so I'm overly warm.

ZenTiger said...

Just trying out Redbaiter's Friday Night Chat tool. Gee, Wordpress has all the good stuff.


Good morning.
mild and wet here. the snowdrops are out and the daffodils are'
Off down south for the weekend.
Spring seems to be on its way.
But there is forecast of colder weather next week.
Let us hope so.


Have you been to All Seeing Eye?
They have one when BBC1 shows 'Question Time" and we can all add our insulting comments together.
This is broadcast from 10-30am to midnight or so, as they stay online for another political programme afterwards.
I have been there for the past few weeks and it is great fun.


10.30pm on Thursdays.

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