Thursday, February 10, 2011

Andrei Absolution by IPhone?

According to TV3 yes.
If you are a Catholic who's avoided confession for fear of admitting you have committed adultery or some other mortal sin, you are in luck - a solution for the modern age has been found.

A new iPhone and iPad app has been developed that allows users to carry out their penance without having to go into the confessional, with a priest behind the curtain and reconcile

Well technology is all well and good but robot confessors will never happen. And this app was never intended to replace the sacrament.

As I understand it this app is to help you prepare for confession, not to hear it and it certainly can't grant absolution for your sins.

Woefully ignorant and mischievous reporting by TV3.

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ZenTiger said...

They really are clueless, as are many of the comments from non-Catholics about even the most rudimentary concepts behind reconciliation.

Just re-reading their opening line you quoted, and what an impressive start to filling a short comment with so many mistakes.

Lucia Maria said...

I left a comment on the article. It's moderated, so I don't know when it will turn up.

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