Friday, June 10, 2011

Lucia I bought a Kindle!

After years of buying paper books from Amazon, and paying about US$6 per book for delivery on top of the cost of the book, I finally decided that being able to read the at a slightly lower cost on an electronic book reading device was a good idea. So I bought a Kindle. Ordered it on Saturday, it arrived yesterday.

I thought I'd go with the Wi-Fi Kindle as it's a heck of a lot cheaper than the 3G. The International version of the Kindle ships without the mains charger, but you do get a connector to your PC and it charges from there.

After transferring a number of PDFs from my computer onto it yesterday (it acts just like a harddrive), I bought two Kindle books from Amazon.

Fatima for Today was also a big part of the inspiration to buy the Kindle. I'd read a few interviews with the author and realised that I was handicapping myself by not being able to get hold of these sorts of books easily. It would be far better to read more books than have the paper copies.

At this point, after reading the first chapter of the book, I can definitely says it's been worth it. Especially since the second book I bought was only US$0.99, and to buy it in a paper version is much, much more expensive, and it's a Catholic classic that I've always wanted to read.

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Oswald Bastable said...

I brought a generic ebook reader ($129 at Dick Smiths)last year.

One of the better things I have ever purchased, if just for the free out-of-copyright classics!

Lucia Maria said...

Yes, I haven't even looked at all those yet!

scrubone said...

I found a treasure trove of books on someone's site the other day, and thought that one would be useful. Much better than sitting at the computer.

I like the look of the iPad, but a bit pricy at this stage.

I.M Fletcher said...

I wanted a Kindle, but didn't want to send overseas for one at the time, so I bought a Kobo reader from Whitcoulls. They also are pretty good.

With a little help from a script, I can transfer Kindle eBooks that I purchase from Amazon over to it, as well. I might well get a Kindle one day, too. I do like being able to see a book and then buy and read it immediately.

Oswald Bastable said...

I found the ereader great when out camping, as being backlit, I needed no light and the mossies and moths stayed elsewhere!

Lucia Maria said...

iPads are pricey, otherwise I think I would have got one instead. I already have an iPhone and I love the user interface.

Now that I've got the Kindle, I can see why they had an accessory option of a light, but then maybe it will be easier on the eyes than something with backlighting.

I'm thinking now that having a library I can carry with me is really, really cool.

I.M Fletcher said...

ps, not sure what the titles are, but Amazon is having a 'Sunshine Deal' sale, with 600 Kindle books priced between 99c and $2.99


Ps, Lucia, if you're still interested sometimes in buying the paper variety of book, check out, based in the UK. They have free shipping worldwide. I just bought a big hardback book from them that I'd been interested in for a while, but that weighed in at 3 pounds, and yep - they didn't charge me shipping at all.

Anonymous said...

Mine's not as big as yours. It;s a Sony Pocket Reader, quite compact, so easy to travel with. Great battery life and reads easily in low light.

Get yourselves a copy of Calibre ( its free and is a great way to catalogue your books. I have over 10,000 in my calibre library. Easy as to convert a book from one format to another, so if I get a mobi, for example, I can convert it to an epub for my Sony.

Never buy a book again.

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