Friday, October 31, 2008

ZenTiger Friday Night Free for All

Better late than never, they say. Although, I'm not sure who they are. Well, whatever, drop a line and say hello. I'm going to be rude and rush off to a coffee and dessert evening of some sort. Back soonish.

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Evening Zentiger and everyone.
Greetings from Barnsley Towers just outside Kerikeri.
Whale Oil and David are here too.
The can can girls are due in an hour.
Once Barnsley has finished on the barbie.

Seán said...

[1] I was watching "Close Up" and there was a piece about retailers putting up their Christmas decorations already. Some retailer said Labour weekend was the accepted date to put the decoratons up. Well I don't consider myself one of the sensitive types but the over-commercialisation of Christmas really grates me. The same people harping on about corporate greed in light of the worldwide financial crisis are no doubt out there at Westfield this weekend lapping up the tinsel and polishing their Mastercard. For them, that is what Christmas is all about. Sick.

[2] It was interesting to read Tuesdays editorial in the Herald. They have nailed it on the head re John McCain's campaign:
In some ways, however, the party did not help itself. Pitching Mr McCain, a 72-year-old, against a 47-year-old would work only if Mr Obama could be exposed as inexperienced. That has not been the case. Indeed, the age difference and the need for "a generational change" were key factors in Mr Obama's endorsement by retired General Colin Powell, who served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and later as Secretary of State under Republican presidents.

The delivery of General Powell's backing has been one of the telling moments of the campaign, the more so because he also criticised Mr McCain's selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as a running mate.

"I don't believe she's ready to be President of the United States, which is the job of the Vice-President," said General Powell. This further flattened the fizz that has surrounded the first-term governor since her unexpected elevation. Increasingly, the focus has been on the inexperience and flimsiness of the populist appeal of the self-confessed "hockey mom", especially given Mr McCain's age.

That, in turn, has led to valid questions about his judgment in opting for a vice-presidential candidate so devoid of qualification.

Obama backed by Powell - ouch! Many on the right were all ga-ga at Palin's appointment at the end of August, and for a while it looked like a good move, but he must be regretting his bold move now. While I support he anti-abortion views, that's about the only thing going for her (oh - and her teeth...).

KG said...

Evening folks.

What a load of garbage your views on the U.S. elections are Sean!
Powell is nothing but a State Dept (that leftist nest of traitors) apparatchik, and Palin has far more experience than Obama in just about every area except corrupt Chicago politics.
She's also not a serial liar like Obama and his running mate Biden. And she doesn't hang out with terrorists both domestic and foreign.
You're wrong on so many counts it'd take up an entire post pointing out the errors. (well, the Herald's errors, mainly I guess)

KG said...

Relaxing day off here, mowing lawns, spraying weeds, playing with the new car and drinking the occasional beer.

Oswald Bastable said...

Who could ever really be prepared for that job!

The real requirement is for somebody who can take on a real sharp learning curve!

KG said...

aaargh! Bloody rabbit's eaten my Kowhai tree we were given at the citizenship ceremony..
This means war....

mojo said...

Aha, so frolicking in Barnsley's mangroves then??
Evening all.

Barnsley Bill said...

Well dinner is done. How was everyones week?

mojo said...

It was a long, short week, Barnsley.
& an especial dinner ... steak ++ icecream, strawbs & chocolate sauce ... bbbuttt it was dark chocolate, I assure you with a little shiraz to wash it down .. soooo, so many anti-oxidants have got to be good for you.

ZenTiger said...

Evening all. A long short week indeed. Had a trip up north for a two days which seemed to make the week run longer.

Christmas decorations up now is ridiculous. 30 days prior is plenty - kick it off with an advent calendar.

I still think Palin was a great choice. She has connected with many voters, and many voters don't think like Powell, and most of the people most upset about Palin are Democrat voters, which doesn't really change much.

And in 4 years, she'll be even more experienced. I think McCain's campaign has sucked, and Obama has certainly made hay whilst the sun shone. If you believe the left wing media, then Obama is definitely emperor and king in a few days time. The only thing that heartens me is that the media report opinion, not fact. Some new fangled policy where news is whatever they spin it as.

We'll see if their mesmerisms have worked soon.

Ah, all too serious. I may need to find some anti-oxidants myself.

Greg said...

It's hard to be impressed by a politician that seems to be the polished incarnation of afternoon TV talk shows.

Ackers said...

KG certainly put a stop to any chance of intelligent debate! You really have to wonder at the miniscule intellectual capacity of some people when you see spray's like this.

Looking at his blog merely confirms what an idiot he is.

George Packer had an interesting piece last week noting the similarities between the mindset of people such as KG and certain Iraqis he met.

"Wading for a few minutes through the sewage of these Web sites reminds me uncannily of the time I’ve spent having political discussions in certain living rooms and coffee shops in Baghdad. The mental atmosphere is exactly the same—the wild fantasies presented as obvious truth, the patterns seen by those few with the courage and wisdom to see, the amused pity for anyone weak-minded enough to be skeptical, the logic that turns counter-evidence into evidence and every random piece of information into a worldwide conspiracy. Above all, the seething resentment, the mix of arrogance and impotent rage that burns at the heart of the paranoid style in politics.

The problem isn’t lack of education—it’s that of a self-isolating political subculture gone rancid."

ZenTiger said...

Ackers, you just don't get the hang of the Friday Night thread concept do you?

Instead, you drop highly opinionated negative comments about off topic items that merely reflect your own inherent biases. You're welcome to them off course, but at least consider how you, by your very comments on this thread display that self-isolating rancid sub-culture intellectual crap that you'd rather go on about than simply being civil.

Future comments like yours will be deleted from the Friday Night threads. They offer less than nothing, because they leave a hole in the spirit.

KG said...

Well, that saves me the trouble of responding to Ackers.:-)
It's now Saturday morning and this wind would blow a dog off a chain, as they say. Probably not the right weather to be taking corrugated iron off the shed roof..

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