Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fletch Loose Labour Litter

I found this piece of rubbish under my windscreen wiper today at the train station, obviously left by Labour litterers (clik on image to see bigger sizes). They are trying to make out that National voted against all the good things in life that Labour has given us. Now, why would National do that, do you suppose? The simple answer (to my mind, anyway) is that they had something better in mind - rather than acting as Nanny State, they would probably have given us more of our hard-earned money back instead and let us spend it on what we liked.

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Nick K said...

Yep. So if the pamphlet said "Allowed Gingas to be killed at birth - National voted against it".

That would be bad from from National?

Or "Universal student misery (oops, allowance), National voted against it".


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