Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ZenTiger Helen Keys John II

It's struck me that the liberal left just love to play the hypocrite card. The H. word (hypocrisy) is often seen worse than the crime itself. For example, one can declare that they believe it wrong to torture small furry animals, and when caught out those on the left gleefully shout "hypocrite" as if they've scored a major point, and those on the right get their priorities right and start off with "you bastard for torturing those small furry animals."

We've seen Helen trying to make a mountain out of the molehill that John Key didn't have a heart felt political opinion on the Springbok tour back in 1981. "Can we trust him?" she thunders. Of course, she was a rabid political nutjob back then, and by implication she urges us to believe she hasn't changed.

And now the TV advertising starts, where Labour (who aren't going to campaign dirty) have initiated a series of dirty advertisements where they manage to get John Key saying something about something from one year, and then get him saying something slightly different about it another year. And hopefully, make it seem like the big H. word comes into play. Helped of course because the words are taken out of context.

And naturally, when accused of running a dirty campaign, Helen takes refuge in the famous lefty tactic I have explained previously. "Oh no, it's just a bit of a joke."

If she didn't say that in such deadly earnest, I'd almost believe her.

There's probably a word for this sort of behaviour.

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To digress for a moment, another way of looking at hypocrisy is that people are firstly stating a moral position as a goal. Perhaps some are more earnest about those things they most worry about failing? And if they do fail to live up to them, then yes, the H. word could be used.

However, the crime is often more serious than the hypocrisy involved in committing the crime. I don't see a big advantage in having so few morals that you never get called the H. word. You'll still be an immoral git.

And of course, with a campaign about trust, how many people think Helen Clark is telling the truth when she claims that the attack advertisements Labour are spending tens of thousands of dollars of some-one's money on is just meant to be a bit of light hearted humour?
Hmm, and this post at Kiwiblog seems to raise similar issues - Does Helen Clark have a relentless campaign to smear John Key planned?

For completeness: Helen Keys John I

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Anonymous said...

Their biggest hypocrisy is the "secret agenda" business.

Labour has used more secret agendas than anyone else in the last term (take abolishing the right to appeal to the Privy Council for example - a major constitutional change they never campaigned on).

They have released virtually no policy yet for this election (making everything they plan to do a "secret agenda" by definition).

And they have the nerve to accuse National of having one?

Don the Kiwi said...

right on.

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