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ZenTiger A week at NZ Conservative (18 Oct 2008)

Here's a summary of the posts made over the last week , 12 Oct 2008 to 18 Oct 2008 at NZ conservative:

Your Librarian is out to get you [Greg]
This post was long overdue, and it is a *fine* post indeed. It was about time some fearless blogger spoke up about the failings of various library services. Luckily, we can avoid fines by employing an Elf to do all the hard work for us.

Greens Overpopulating the earth [ZenTiger]
The Greens decided it was time to release a population policy. There are too many people on their planet. Apparently, no-one has a right to create life. This explains their stance on GE too I guess. Based on current polling, do you think trimming 7% of the population would make them happy?

Buried Bodies [ZenTiger]
Just a wee father and son and dead bodies joke.

Friday Night Free For All [ZenTiger]
It's the regular chat about anything thread. I had a big week, and whilst I muse about delegation skills, Helen's on the radio dissin' John Key. Is that any way for an ex-Prime Minister to speak about the Prime Minister? Well, I may be getting ahead of myself, but Ms Clark was not acting Ministerial. And yes, the weekly pun is included in the thread.

Loose Labour Litter [Fletcher]
Fletch finds some Labour Advertising material stuck on his car windscreen. It's classic Labour where they say "Labour Good, National Bad, You no think".

Emily's List and Palin Hatred [Greg]
Greg manages to get a post in when I pause to take a breath. He spotted a great article by Miranda Devine (regular writer for SMH and syndicated in magazines like Investigate) which looks at the liberal left's hatred for Sarah Palin. In this case, the pro-life stance makes political agitators from Emily's List go full term, because pro-choice is the only choice for some.

The Kiwiblog Files [ZenTiger]
This is a community notice. Go read scrubone's list of Labour's misdemeanors over the 2003-2004 period, as recorded by Kiwiblog.

Shades of Cindy Kiro [ZenTiger]
Still on the leaders debate, and very concerned that Labour have pulled a fast one yet again, Helen Clark ignoring pesky things like facts, and prepared to write history for those that didn't see the real life version when it played in front of their eyes earlier this year. And on top of all of that, a passing comment about checking children that I need to research further. Chilling?

Free Range Markets [ZenTiger]
This post says a couple of things. I'll pick one: the free market doesn't always work, if ones criteria includes ethical behaviour. Actually, I'll pick a second: But aren't we just a little bit crazy if we think a government can legislate morality? Why don't you pick the third?

Debate Goes To Key [ZenTiger]
One minute after the debate finished, I weighed up the evidence and delivered my verdict: I reckon Key will have pulled most of the fence sitters over to the green grass of the Blue Camp.

National's RS&T Policy A Good One [Mr Tips]
Mr Tips has had a closer look at National's Research Science and Tech Policy and found it good. Contrasting this with Mallards quackery we can see that a change of government could be a good thing for Research Scientists in New Zealand.

Something Ugly on the Political Scene [ZenTiger]
Michele Malkin comprehensively puts to bed the idea that the wingnuts exist solely on the right. Here's a fine collection of hate filled left wing moonbats who need to spend winter in the northern reaches of Alaska wearing brown fur coats and Moose Antlers.

R18 Films with G Actors [ZenTiger]
You'd think making blue movies with underage actors would earn jail time. It hasn't, and the defence used seems a symptom to me of the decreasing standards of responsibility people are held to. On the other hand, why have a few self defence cases gone in the other direction? The quality of mercy seems very strained.

Election Billboards [ZenTiger]
Here's a couple of billboards I whipped up to help National position itself better over attacking the Nanny State. And my comments on the Green's suggestion to elect a planet and a child (is that legal?) with their innovative billboard campaign.

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