Friday, May 7, 2010

ZenTiger $134 million win - do you have a ticket?

Prime Minister John Key and Whanau Ora Minister Tariana Turia Thursday announced $134m in spending on the programme over the next four years, drawn from the Government’s $1.2b Pathway To Partnership fund.

The programme seeks to appoint whanau ‘navigators’ to monitor up to twenty families each and liaise with health and welfare providers for them...The $134m would be a starting point and would not include funding for existing contracts.

Turia added that figure would rise over time to a value of $1b as Housing, Justice and police agencies are integrated.
$134 million for 20 families? I wonder how the 20 families were selected? Was it last week's Lotto draw, a scratchie or every-one who had $100 to win on "Whar Lap" on the 4th race last Tuesday at Trentham?

Turia says it's not about the money. That's because it's not hers, and tax is a bottomless bucket.

I hope that $134 million includes some very detailed reporting on where the money went, and what the outcomes were, in a very open and honest and transparent way. This is a grand experiment, and it deserves a peer review. That is, we all need to peer very closely at the results.

And how do you get a ticket to this particular lottery? Can Women's Weekly do a profile of the 20 lucky winners and interviews on how it changed their lives?

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Ozy Mandias said...

It will be interesting to see who gets the job as 'navigators'. I would put my name forward if they are taking applications.

134mill wont go very far when it is tax payers money.

Forget Womens Weekly I see a TV prog out of this. A little like 'Extreme Makover' from the USA. Ours could be 'Extreme Turia', she would be fantastic at saying "move that bus",

ZenTiger said...

Maybe they should just hire that hard case money guy, and a super nanny. The two of them, and an SAS squad for back-up could sort out 20 families.

I suspect the 20 families wont actually see much of the 20 million, unless they sue for loss of privacy. But who am I kidding? We'll never know who they were, but only that they are happier now, and crime is down in Auckland.

I think I saw the same idea on "Logan's Run", or was it "The Island"?

ZenTiger said...

Oops, not 20 million. They wont see much of the $134 million (which was the opening bid on Turia's billion dollar "spend our way out of poverty" initiative.

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