Monday, May 24, 2010

Lucia Nigel Latta's review of S59 was bogus

Just noticed via HalfDone that TBR has a news release up showing how Nigel Latta lied on behalf of the National Government on the impact of the S59 (anti-smacking) law change.
Investigate magazine has blown open the smacking debate by publishing documents that show the review headed by Nigel Latta was effectively a farce, and that parents have indeed been prosecuted just for a light smack.

That review, whose findings were announced just before Christmas by Prime Minister John Key and Nigel Latta, claimed to have fully examined cases referred to it by lobby group Family First, and discovered the families had not been “honest” about the events leading up to arrest or CYF intervention.

“In all cases”, stated Latta to journalists, there were serious “aggravating features” that the public were unaware of.

Latta highlighted those “aggravating features” in his report, but a joint investigation by Family First and Investigate magazine has found Latta’s review got its facts wrong, and based its misleading and defamatory findings simply on police or CYF complaint sheets, not the outcome of court cases after the evidence had actually been tested.

The end result: Investigate now has documented proof that ordinary parents have been arrested and prosecuted, ultimately, for simply giving a child a light smack – something both Latta and John Key promised had not happened.

For the Prime Minister, the evidence provides a new dilemma – he has previously stated on record that if a parent is prosecuted for a light smack, he will change the law, “it’s as simple as that”.
Except, John Key is not going to do anything. He KNEW beforehand he was not going to do anything, he was just trying to work out how to sell the anti-smacking law to the public. It was pretty obvious to me that John Key was also lying in the interviews that he did after the referendum results came out.

So, National may be about to be whacked around the ears by both the ETS and the anti-smacking law. Not looking good for them, but luckily most of the media is still on their side.

For more details, read BREAKING NEWS: Investigate magazine news release

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scrubone said...

I've now purchased the mag. It seems that Latta decided instead to answer the question: "on the initial facts presented, was an investigation justified".

The answer of course is yes. But in most cases a cursory examination of evidence reveals that the accuser is simply making stuff up - usually a child lashing out at parental authority.

Lucia Maria said...

I'm still waiting for my subscription copy to arrive. Maybe tomorrow, if the rain doesn't hold it up.

dad4justice said...

Nigel Latta is a well trained liar. I mean to say he had heaps of practice twisting the truth as a specialist report writer of the gender bias Family Court. I wonder how many decent fathers this creep has influenced to take the suicide option? If we had an honest and credible justice system then he man would be behind bars. Sadly pathological liars seem to excel in this country.

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