Wednesday, May 26, 2010

ZenTiger Bad Korea Move

Things are escalating over in North Korea. Sorry world, but you are just going to have to start paying more attention. A while ago I discussed a Good Korea Move from Clinton, with Obama sitting on the sidelines.

Obama is still on the sidelines, and so is the UN. China is urging calm, and North Korea is acting anything but calm.

South Korea have a very difficult time ahead as they balance dealing with their disturbed neighbour and preventing an economic meltdown as business investment (confidence) dries up.

Bad Korea Move coming our way.

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MK said...

Eventually the nutjob is going to have to be dealt with, but it won't be under obama's watch, that's for sure. Evil will always prosper under the rule of a leftist.

There is also a lesson in this for other western nations, if they have the brains to see it. We've all tied our national defense to that of America, we have neglected our military capability in favor of our social services and welfare.

But what happens when we are threatened like South Korea is and a hillary clinton from America says every one else needs to do something, knowing fully well that they can't.

Many of us in the western world are either too stupid to see it or are simply not mature enough to understand that we need to look after ourselves, not rely on anyone else for our protection.

If America goes the way it's going, there will be no policeman around anymore and we all are going to have to fend for ourselves in a far more dangerous world.

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