Friday, May 7, 2010

Fletch Auckland Rates Revolt Brewing

I see that a rates revolt is brewing in Auckland. Citizens and councils are considering a plan whereby any rates paid are put into a temporary financial management fund or escrow until there has been more time and thought given about the so-called Super City.

Citizens and councils are considering a legal rebellion 'No vote, no pay' local body boycott , writes John Landrigan.
Sire, sire, the peasants are revolting.

The well-worn line may not be the most diplomatic way to summarise the actions of the region's irate ratepayers, but it looks as if it is becoming accurate.

The Aucklander is now presenting the Auckland region with its only chance to vote "yes or no" to the Government's plans to merge our eight councils. A select committee is due to report to Parliament on May 24 with its proposals for the third and final Act to shunt the changes through.

In the meantime, a council-backed rates revolt is the latest action proposed to stop the amalgamation and the public's assets being put in the hands of Wellington-appointed boards.
The concept: ratepayers could put their rates into a temporary financial management fund until Auckland's voice is heard.
It has the backing of some current city councillors and at least one deputy mayor.

Long-time bureaucrat battler and water rights campaigner Penny Bright is addressing all councils - except Auckland City because Mayor John Banks refused her speaking rights - on the idea of setting up an "escrow" fund.
Holding rates money in escrow, according to Ms Bright, would allow more time to hold an official vote on the Government's fast, sweeping changes.
Goodness! Well, good for them for standing up for themselves against Hide's Super City. There is also a People's Referendum organized by The Aucklander that can be filled out HERE.

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