Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ZenTiger Traders and Warriors and the Prime Minister

Here we go again. A week ago I defended the Warrior class from those who venerate the Trader. That discussion was esoteric and abstract. Today, we see the practical application.

When the three NZDF airmen tragically died on ANZAC day, John Key cancelled his plans to attend a trade delegation and headed back for the funeral. He has received unjustified criticism from a few people who broadly argue that the trade was more important than showing respect for some fallen warriors. They are wrong.

I certainly throw a lot of criticism John Key's way, but on this matter, I think he did the right thing.

People and relationships are what matters, and a trade negotiation must come second.

The Prime Minister was where he most needed to be on the day. Thank you John Key.

And with a delegation of 90 business people already there to talk discounts, then there were ample people there to step up to the plate and work on through without John Key.

It's pretty simple stuff really, but obviously trying to figure this out is keeping some people stupid.

Keeping Stock provides the names and addresses of those that think the discussion is negotiable. I think the kindest way of putting it is "A matter of Judgment", so judge for yourself.

Update: Oswald says it like it is. My opinion of Dr Langley is extremely low at this point in time. Right now I'm waiting around at the hospital for my sister to come out of surgery. Even though I was right in the middle of a project, the rest of the team at work stepped in and are handling it. There's another example of priorities, Dr Langley. Dr Langley, some sort of education specialist still has a bit to learn, IMHO.

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