Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Fletch More On Street Preacher UK Arrested By Police For Beliefs

More information on the case of the street preacher who was arrested by police for giving his view that homosexual conduct is a sin. It now turns out that he wasn't originally preaching publicly on the subject until prompted by police to give his view, whereupon he was subsequently arrested and charged.

Hattip: Brendan Malone at Semper Vita

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MK said...

Goes a long way to show why Britain is the liberal shithole it has become. The liberal fascists must be so thrilled with themselves, bum-sex is now sacred and above the law.

libertyscott said...
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libertyscott said...

It shows why freedom of speech should be constitutionally protected, as in the US. As long as speech is not threatening, defamatory or inciting crime, it should not be a matter for the law.

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