Tuesday, May 25, 2010

ZenTiger North Korea a threat - careful some-one might get killed

Forensic evidence examined by three independent experts and the South Korean government confirms what was suspected all along: the 1200-ton Cheonan was sunk by a North Korean torpedo while cruising in South Korean waters near their common maritime border, with the loss of 48 lives.
That seems like a pretty good reason for the United Nations to spring into some sort of action. Or continue the theme of being useless when it truly counts. No response yet, but that's because Ki Ban Moon is waiting for the official complaint to be filed.

And Obama describes killing 48 people as "threatening". Threatening? Threatening? I'm sure Obama would not like it if his family were threatened that way. But it's important not to take these issues too seriously. It might only encourage more "threatening" behaviour. At least, that's what we are told to believe.

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KG said...

The truth of the matter is that Obambi's and the State Department's hands are tied, so they'll huff and puff and continue to appease North Korea.

ZenTiger said...

Alas, so true.

If we think of the UN as the world police, then if calling the cops does nothing, where does that leave us?

It leaves us where the world usually is - content to ignore state murder until it directly affects them. Then at that point, our own internal critics decry any form of action.

Sanctions? That kills the children.

Assassination? Interfering in affairs of the other states.

War? Then it must be only about oil.

It's frustrating. Although the least the world leaders can do is stop making inane comments like calling an overt act of aggression that kills people "threatening".

I wish he had the balls to stand up and say "I have no balls, so I will do nothing. But beware, should the day come that you go further than even I can stomach, I might appoint someone with balls to take care of matters.

Don't force me to take action. Please, if that's alright with you..."

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