Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lucia Comments bug

There is something strange going on with the comments right now.

I get every comment emailed to me, so I know that Ozy made the last comment on Authorities fearful about people protecting themselves. However, the comment doesn't show up (beyond increasing the comment count on the main page) until another comment is made. Then that comment doesn't turn up until another comment is made, etc, etc.

Very annoying, and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

UPDATE: I know, I will start bumping comments to make them show up!

UPDATE 2: Hmmm, didn't work. Must be on a delayed batch post, or something. Maybe my bump will work when I get the email.

UPDATE 3: Here is Ozy's comment for now:
KG I would like to disagree with you but on the whole you are correct.

Your comment that teachers aren't doing a good job is interesting and we could debate till the cows come home. I dont teach a year 10 english class but even in a high decile school that is hard hard work. You have half the class who want to learn, 25% who dont care and then 25% who cause trouble.The odds are against you.

For me however it is not usually the teachers, but the educational experts, curriculum writers and our education system that is more to blame.

An example is that I have reports due in about 2 weeks. I am sure a number of my fellow teachers would love to put the following as a comment
"Jonny is rude and disrecpectful in class.He is arrogant towards teachers and support staff and has little respect for himself and others. His school work is never completed and he has poor work habits......
However, I know what would happen if I wrote a comment like that. Teachers are so controlled by the system it is not funny.

Education is now a broad term. By that I mean kids now learn almost everything but reading and writing. For some,that is good. However, I feel for most this doesn't actually help them in the long run.

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KG said...

We're having the same problem over at CR, and changing from embedded to op-up comments hasn't fixed it.
I googled "blogspot embedded comments problems" and found there are a lot of others with the same problem--and no solution so far.

Lucia Maria said...

At least the comments aren't being lost, just some of them don't get posted for a while.

Looks like ozy's comment has appeared now. Very strange how my bump appeared first.

Well, might all be fixed tomorrow!

I.M Fletcher said...

Time to switch to Wordpress?

I.M Fletcher said...

Hmmm, seems to be working now..

Murray said...

Phil U is bitching about his site being hacked by ebil conservatives.

Of course we have time to deal with an insignificant drug addict who is the best advertising for conservatism out there.

Maybe there's something going around.

Drug induced paranoia and stupidity in his case.

Lucia Maria said...


Does he not realise that he's not even on our radar?

Now, that sounds mean, but seriously!

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