Friday, December 10, 2010

Lucia Friday night free for all

That time again.

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ZenTiger said...

I'm around for a change. My section of the blog has cobwebs. Ah well, maybe a bit of blogging over the Christmas and New Year period, but then probably back to another even busier year at work...

Andrei said...

My Ileanna graduated today, whoo hoo.

Been in the townhall all afternoon a labour of love.

Now here's a thing a several times the ceremony came to a stop when a Maori candidate collected their degree or award. In the Audience their people would do the Maori wailing thing.

Now if each one of the candidates did their own version of this we would be in their until Monday or later.

My question is this culturally sensitive or is it rudeness?

ZenTiger said...

I'd say it is a matter of the MC ensuring things progress at a reasonable pace, and if there were an excess of Maori graduates, one would hop they would make the same demand I've heard many times at other awards: "Please hold your wailing until the end."

We have the same custom in our culture - clapping after every award, for example. But it is not uncommon for the MC to ask people to save their applause until the end, depending on the total number of people. One would hope the MC is capable of balancing other people's time with the opportunity to wail, clap or hoot. People who want to go beyond this can simply hold their own celebrations immediately after the award ceremony.

I.M Fletcher said...

Gidday all. One week closer to Christmas :)

Tip of the day: At youtube you can now post links to videos that begin playing at the time you want - eg, while watching a video at youtube, press pause, RIGHT click the video itself, and from the menu that pops up you can copy the URL link from the current position. When someone clicks the resulting link it will start playing from there.

I think this only works with links to the video and not from embedded youtube videos.

Lucia Maria said...

Yeah, it's rude.

Lucia Maria said...


.. cool ..

Is there any way of (without loading the clip yourself) of getting it to start from a particular point without someone else having put up the URL?

Lucia Maria said...

Well, I've been busy. I was reflecting on my general inability to blog much just recently, and realised (again) that home-schooling takes up too much of my brain power. I'm hoping next year, when my older boy goes to highschool, and I'm just home-schooling a 10 year old, that I can just cruise and devote more of my mind to writing posts. That's the thought, anyway, at this point.

Lucia Maria said...

Oh, and in case KG comes along later and I miss his comment until much later (like Saturday morning when I'm going to drive to Wellington to buy shoes) ... Hi KG!

Andrei said...

Yes the clapping but it is far shorter in duration and the candidates are sent in batches - the clapping comes at the end of each batch, not for each candidate.

Indeed during the applause the next group of candidates were Marshalled to the flow is not interupted, whereas the other interrupts the flow of proceedings which come to a halt.

I.M Fletcher said...

ps congrats to her Andrei :)

Lucia, not sure what you mean exactly. eg, here is a video I chose randomly (of James Taylor). I paused the video at 1 minute into it, RIGHT clicked and from the menu that comes up chose to copy the URL at it current position. When you click on the LINK now, it will start playing for you 1 min into the song.

I.M Fletcher said...

ie, it beats saying to someone, watch this youtube video - the bit that starts one minute in. You can now post a link that starts the video from where you want it to.

Andrei said...

Zen you didn't do Ele's quizz this week!

Srictley you got it wrong last week by answering in french since the question as posed asked for English term but Ele let it pass. You knew the Answer,

Computer is a word of English origin and in most languages this is reflcted

Russian - компьютер - if you don;t read Cyrillic, kompʹyuter in latin script
Ukaninan and Serb - комп'ютер and компјутер (kompJuter)
Italian - it is the same

French, part of the question if gets francofied with a new name= ordinateur which you knew. This arises because computer can reflect a human being who did in pre computer days calculations pencil and paper style not a macjine - this held in Englsid as well but was ignored,

I wonder what the etymology of the Maori translation is.

KG said...

Hi! Lucia Maria. Thanks for that. And hello to everybody else too.
It's only 5:30 here, seems early for FFFFA!
And there's a storm building, which will be nice. :)

ZenTiger said...

Bonsoir. Just had a look at this weeks quiz from Ele, and I'm glad I missed it :)

I think I'm going to have to run a quiz just so I can say I know all the answers! Presuming of course, that I know all the answers. I could be cunning and ask questions I don't know the answers to and would quite like to know. Actually, that might be more useful. Done.


Good evening everyone.
Hope you are all fit and well.
I'm fine.
The thaw has started but it won't last long.
Cold again next week.
The are some scary/exciting weather forecasts depending on your viewpoint.
Either way, I hope the fish survived in the fishpond.
But that has a thick lawyer of ice on.
Some of the rivers have frozen too for the first time in decades.

Anonymous said...

Evening all - congratulations on being the father of a graduate, Andrei.

" I could be cunning and ask questions I don't know the answers to and would quite like to know." - I oftens tart with the answers then work out a question to fit.

ZenTiger said...

Aha. Quiz secrets revealed.

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