Thursday, December 30, 2010

ZenTiger My Way Or The Highway

Frog Blog suggests the time to build roads is over. "It's my way or the Highway" they say. Err, can I choose "Highway" then? Nope - walking, cycling and mum and the kids loading the shopping on to the train is the way of our future. I point out the obvious issue though, that the Greens are ignoring:

There are a growing number of abandoned young children because when the family set out on a 40km bike ride to visit the in-laws, the 4 and 5 year olds just can’t keep up, and are left to perish on the roadsides. It’s particularly bad during stormy weather.

I think roads are great. I have one right outside my home that I use fairly often. Couldn't imagine it being taken away and sold to China, although it must be a possibility given that the Greens are polling well at the moment.

Aside from this though, there are other solutions. I'm very much in favour of reintroducing the huge Zeppelins that can carry tonnes of freight - ideal in small countries such as NZ where roads over hills seems to defy modern science unless billions of dollars in environmental impact studies are conducted in 10 year intervals leading up to a decision to think about it every 100 years.

The cool things about Zeppelin technology is you can have point to point delivery without clogging roading and train infrastructure. And with Global Warming in the realms of "settled science" we'll have lots of hot air to fuel them.

You know I make sense.

[Photo is a Zeppelin in the tropical country of the UK, hardest hit by Global Warming as per predictions from Climate Scientists back in the year 2000]

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I don't think the Chinese will want your road Zen.
They have quite a few decent motorways of their own.
I stopped off in Hong Kong ans saw Cactus Kate a few years back.
And the number of motorways that had been built since my fitst visit to Hong Kong in 1994 was amazing.
Look at any road atlas of China, you will see they have motorways all over the place.

One day, a roadtrip around China looks an exciting possibility.

ZenTiger said...

This post is strangely popular - I suspect the phrase must be a popular Google search.

It is a cool phrase. For those looking for the meaning of the phrase, it's simply "Do what I say or leave the house, take to the road and travel to a new location".

In other words, "do it my way, or get outta here"

At least, that's the intent, but I don't know when the phrase was coined. People have found quotes from media and songs back in the 1970's, but I think it was already in "popular culture" by then and likely to be older than the 70's.

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