Thursday, December 30, 2010

Andrei Trashy TV and our degraded culture

I didn't know this but MTV has had a reality series "16 and Pregnant" following the lives of four pregnant teenagers.

A second series followed the same sad four as they coped with their children - and in this incarnation, 'Teen Mom' it has hit the news with this.

And in addition this: MTV tackles issue of teen abortion with new special.

The concept that children should be raised with the aspiration to marry and raise a family and this will be foundational to their future well being and happiness is an idea to be treated with contempt.

But its the truth - the happiest and most content people on the planet are those who have successfully done just that. Everything else, material success, fame just wither away with time - mean nothing on your death bed.

Self indulgent liberalism has done its best to wreck the institution of marriage along encouraging abortion. Who needs a spouse and children to interfere with your path to self fulfillment?

This is really sad, millions have been condemned to chasing phantom goals, which the vast majority never obtain, and have denied themselves the true fulfillment of seeing their children grow, happy and well adjusted.

Shows such as the ones alluded to above portray pathological people and by implication child raising as both pathological and inhibiting.

It's so depressing.

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