Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Andrei No words necessary

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BJ said...

What a breath of Fresh Air.

Matthew said...

Fantastic and evidence that God can and does bring about hope in this world. There's a good article on the development of the baby from conception to birth in a recent Grapevine magazine.

Only this morning I was saying that on the day of judgement (in Rev 20) when those who today support abortion will look at the 1billion+ plus human beings in the eye who were aborted and realise that all their arguments and beliefs were wrong.

Jesus was right when he said that those who do not believe in hell as an everlasting place of punishment for their wickedness (including their beliefs about abortion) will not believe even "though [some]one rise from the dead" to warn them. Those people have the prophets and Moses available now. When will they start listening and change their view on abortion?

Lucia Maria said...


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