Thursday, December 2, 2010

Andrei Gaia is mocking us

From the Guardian
Cancún climate change conference: rich nations must pay more than lip service to tackle global warming
From the BBC
Europe hit by blanket of snow and sub-zero conditions

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Rocket Boy said...

How is this mocking 'us'?

Surely you understand that climate change means more extreme weather, both hot and cold?

ZenTiger said...

Yes, because:

Surely you understand that Anthropogenic Global Warming means more extreme weather, both hot and cold?

sounds oxymoronic.

And of course, we may get lower average temperatures with extreme cold, which again dilutes the message if it is called Man-Made Global Warming.

As I have said before though, it's not the weather that I worry about in this debate, it's the political response to managing the weather.

George Orwell, in 1984 suggested perpetual wars against neighbouring states would keep the government in power and in control, able to justify anything as a war-time necessity.

How brilliant to go to war against the climate.

And the political response to this war is the bit I worry about, because their actions are doing nothing for the weather, but everything for sorting out an additional global taxation system.

ZenTiger said...

PS Rocket Boy. You missed a great chance to comment on the post below, about Climategate and the NYT.

Anonymous said...

They keep changing the goal posts Zen. They started out hard and fast on planet heating due to hot house gasses.

That fell on its ass when the planet didn't play ball and went to glbal climate change.

That was even less sucessful so this week they're calling it "global climate distruption" and claiming that any sevre weather is their precious AGW.

They're FOS and will say anything to keep their funding coming while self rightously sneering at all non-beleivers.


As the snow has fallen and blown around outside, giving us 20-25cm today, I have been watching much tv, particularly the BBC News 24 channel.
It is interesting to note a lack of coverage of Cancun on that station plus in the regular news bulletins of the BBC and other channels.
I accept that the massive disruption and the extreme severity of the weather is big news.
But I cannot help but think that if the BBC ran stories about global warming, the viewers would be somewhat sceptical.
And that if such stories mentioned the luxury being enjoyed by the delegates, some of whom are demanding rationing, that the viewers might get somewhat angry at the global warministas.

What do you think?

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