Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Andrei The Sun, not your SUV is responsible for climate change

The great hoax is coming to an end, its in its death knell.

The flim flam men aided by gullible (I'm looking at you Nick Smith) politicians have made their fortunes and Governments have increased their taxes - what lefty Government missed an opportunity to screw the peasants with tax hikes.

Six years ago astrophysicists noted a reduction in solar activity and predicted the onset of cooler times.

They were denounced as "climate deniers" and not real "climate scientists" unlike the chrono dendrologists - these are the guys who measure tree rings and see doom for mankind in them by analyzing ring widths with arcane formulae with no known valid mathematical derivation.

But what has really killed the fraud is that the British Met office predicted a mild winter for Europe, whilst this fellow, Piers Corbyn, said a vicious winter was in store for the Northern Hemisphere. His predictions have been right on the money and have been before.

He could have fluked this, he could have but perhaps he has a better handle on what drives the Earths climate than the "Climate Scientists".

The trouble is there is no way we can get the Sun to behave as we desire - we are helpless in the face of its moves - so no new taxs, carbon markets, screwing down of the productive are possible.

Bad news for the warmists but they persist in their attempts to convince us otherwise.

That snow outside is what global warming looks like

Unusually cold winters may make you think scientists have got it all wrong. But the data reveal a chilling truth

by George Monbiot

But I don't think many are buying anymore as they shiver through another unexpectedly cold winter.

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I.M Fletcher said...

Someone in the Herald wrote a letter pointing out that scientists are telling us this cold is all because of climate change, yet if we'd had unusually warm weather, they'd have blamed it on the same thing.

You just can't win with them. The whole world could be freezing into an icicle and they'd still be trying to convince us.

A Liberal's view is always correct and they won't accept another point of view, no matter if the facts say otherwise.

Psycho Milt said...

I notice the comments thread under Monbiot's piece features several people asking whether the AGW hypothesis is actually falsifiable, given that it apparently explains whatever variation in climate occurs.

Andrei said...

Indeed PM, the idea that AGW is unfalsifiable in a Popperian sense has been picked up here

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