Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Andrei I'm no grinch but .........

Advent - and everywhere I go I hear this

There is no need to continue to subject our readers to the soundtrack which originally accompanied this post. In fact it is a mercy not to.

If you really want the music just click here.

It's driving me crazy, whenever I'm in a shop, any shop, surrounded by hordes of harried people pushing trolleys loaded to the gunnels with goodies this little ditty is playing in the background

And I can't watch TV - every five minutes or so the program will be interupted and a lady in a red hat with a pom pom on top will pop up to me about exciting gifts for Dad or something and you can guess what the background score is.

Even sleep brings no peace, snug in my bed with a cat coiled at my feet I should be safe but no, it starts up all by itself without any obvious source in my head.

I wonder how many times you will have to suffer this today?

PS I apologize to subjecting you to this torment but at least you have the power to shut it off in my post which is not an ability you will have when you are in the supermarket later on today when you are picking up the milk

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There's far worse Andre.
We should run a poll.
What are the worst Xmas songs.
I would go for Jingle Bell Rock.

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