Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Fletch Margaret Sanger Interview

Very interesting archival interview (video) by Mike Wallace of the mother of birth control Margaret Sanger. Wow, she looks like a very, hard, unmovable lady. She also denies a lot of the things she'd said before. He puts to her the Catholic Churches view, and that of Natural Law.

WALLACE: Well let's look at the official Catholic position...opposition to Birth-Control. I read now from a church publication called "The Question Box" in forbidding Birth Control it says the following: It says the immediate purpose and primary end of marriage is the begetting of children, when the marital relation is so used as to render the fulfillment of its purposes impossible--that is by Birth Control--it is used unethically and unnaturally. Now what's wrong with that position?
SANGER: Well, it's very wrong, it's not normal it's -- it has the wrong attitude towards marriage, toward love, toward the relationships between men and women.
WALLACE: Well the natural law they say is that first of all the primary function of sex in marriage is to beget children. Do you disagree with that?
SANGER: I disagree with that a hundred percent.
WALLACE: Your feeling is what then?
SANGER: My feeling is that love and attraction between men and women, in many cases the very finest relationship has nothing to do with bearing a child. It's secondary. Many, many times and we know that --you see your birth rates and you can talk to people who have very happy marriages and they're not having babies every year. Yes, I think that's a celibate attitude...
WALLACE: Surely, a celibate attitude but you agree that Catholicism according to the tenets of Catholicism they rule that birth control violates not only the church's position --it isn't the church's position but they say it violates a natural law as I have just explained, therefore birth control is a sin no matter who practices it. Now the violation of the natural law--you certainly can take no issue with the natural law as the hierarchy of the Catholic Church regards it...
SANGER: Oh, I certainly do take issue with it and I think it's untrue and I think it's unnatural.

Interesting from a historical view is the blatant advertising of cigarettes on the show.

I wonder if, years from now, people will look back on our abortionist society with puzzlement, the same way we do at smoking.


H/T Semper Vita

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