Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Andrei Enough of the horse radish already

This man claims he is treated like a second class citizen

Second class citizen

Guess what Clint there really are a lot of second class citizens out there but they aren't who you think they are.

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Redbaiter said...

Clint is just a vacuous moron. A fact made apparent by his cowardly smears and then his compounding attempts to justify that despicable behaviour.

He has no mind of his own, just a sponge where Progressives have instilled their ideas and converted him into a morally and intellectually bankrupt drone.

The stupider they are, the easier and harder they fall for it, and Clint's fallen about as hard as its possible.

I wouldn't give the sad little low IQ whack job any more attention. For his smears and his feeble and obvious deceit in trying to cover for them, he's made it so apparent that he is just worthless vermin who does not possess even a skerrick of moral restraint.

Homobonus said...

That lady in blue in the second photo is obviously a second class citizen. She's obviously being forced to hang around with a creepy old guy when she doesn't want to.

I can't believe you didn't notice this.

Heine said...

To you and Redbaiter, Sir Elton is a 2nd class citizen. You have both reinforced this.

Through all that thick and mucky rhetoric that RB is spewing about, I could still see his cut and paste philosophy pinched from Glenn Beck.

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