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Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Greatest Danger in the Modern World

"In the better than 16 years or more that I have known Archbishop DMITRI of Dallas (my retired Archbishop), I have heard him warn repeatedly that the greatest danger in the modern world is the attack on man as the image of God. That God became man in order to unite man to God is the only sure Divine underwriting of human worth. We have value because of the image we bear."

~ Fr. Stephen Freeman, "Smashing Icons"

On the left is a post from the Blog Creedal Christian, a blog well worth visiting as it often has wisdom filled posts.

In any case the quote that is this post I find very striking, in its very truth.

Of course reading the news today what is striking is not man in the image of God on display but rather the converse, utter human degradation. In particular our latest political scandal or the comedian of suppressed name fame. There's plenty else besides but that will do to go on with.

Rather than man made in the image of God we see him as something equivalent to or even lower than that of a barnyard animal.

And that surely is the Devil's point - for he loathes the man made in the image of God and will do everything he can with his temptations to degrade us and lead us to deep despair. Which is where sin will ultimately lead whoever we are.

For us all it is a struggle.

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Lucia Maria said...

It's even more of a struggle when there is no expectation from society that a person will act in a more dignified manner, instead there is encouragement to follow inner desires, no matter how disgusting they may be. This is apparently the road to inner peace.

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