Sunday, March 27, 2011

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"Conservatives change the rules" blares the front page headline of the SST.

Apparently, showing sex scenes on a G rated program during hours where school children may be watching has been par for the course since the TV was invented. So the TV stations push the envelope, and have the audacity to complain that it's merely conservativism that prevents them from getting more and more explicit on TV. Here's the money quote:

He said research showed whilst sexual attitudes might be liberalising, attitudes to sexual material during children's hours were not.

Damn those conservative attitudes.

Meanwhile, a few pages later an article on the rising issue of bullying. A note buried in the disturbing article: 5 and 6 year olds are now being sent home from school for bullying. Why? We get the clue on another article - concern by the anti-smacking lobby that a father didn't go to jail for cutting his son's hair on one occasion, and washing his mouth out with soap for continual swearing on another occasion. Such violence has to stop they wail. What they actually practice though is avoiding discipline of any sort, and their children grow up to be little snots that remain children throughout their adult life. But at least they have their sex education early, so they can watch those sex scenes on TV.

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Psycho Milt said...

Shouldn't the BSA's problem here be with the programme's classification, ie with the Dept of Internal Affairs, rather than with TV3? If it's rated G, you can hardly complain when TV3 assumes it's safe for screening at 5.30.

I agree with you re the bullying. The inability of the hand-wringers to join those dots would be hilarious if it wasn't resulting in so much pain and suffering.

ZenTiger said...

I did the post in a bit of a hurry, so it is not well explained.

I think one of the issues is that TV3 seems to think a G classification gives them the green light to show simulated sex scenes at times when children might be watching, and would greatly resent this sort of programme being moved to say a 9pm time slot.

Especially as the 9pm time slot would have to compete against more explicit sex scenes, forcing them to up the ante, and Home and Away would be nothing more than a series of getting it away, giving it away and having their way.

leftrightout said...

Sorry, PM, but you're way off the mark on bullying and the perceived lack of discipline. Its nothing at all to do with the way children bully or become bullies.

Why is hitting a child going to teach the child that bullying is wrong? No, education, love and empathy are the requirements, as is setting boudaries, but not washing mouths out with soap, forcing a child to kneel on gravel or telling tall tales of hellfire and damnation.

leftrightout said...

Damn those conservative attitudes.

Yep, 3 examples of conservative attitudes in action.

Catholic Nuns steal Spanish babies,

Hundreds of worshippers die as churches ban AIDS medication

American Christians "Pole dance for Jesus"

ZenTiger said...

Why is hitting a child going to teach the child that bullying is wrong?

Not what I said LRO. The modern liberal parents aren't dispensing any form of discipline. You mention "setting boundaries" but they get set and broken, and the love and education you suggest includes following through on consequences. I'm suggesting this isn't happening. It stems from the basic brainwashing that any kind of discipline is too conservative for the parent. They aren't doing their kids any favours.

And that is a pathetic attempt to smear Conservatives. The State (under Franco) stealing babies shows just how dangerous the State gets (not that we are short of examples. That was the Spain that killed thousands of priests for not towing the line. There is a new movie out soon called "There Be Dragons" and you might learn something of those times by watching it, and you might learn a lot more by watching it.

Every time a discussion comes up about young children getting exposed to sex (as was this post) at far too young an age, you come in swinging. It's just a bit weird LRO.

Your second link points to an article smacking of rumour and scanty facts. Even so, as the Catholic Priest they interviewed points out: the churches described sound like complete fakes run by charlatans. You get that from time to time. Forgery does not make the original corrupt. This is nothing to do with Conservatism and everything to do with a scam. Probably by liberals.

Same deal with the American Christians pole dancing. That makes them liberal, not Conservative. Throw in confused as well. About as confused as you I suspect, who wishes to redefine words to suit your belief system.

Psycho Milt said...

Why is hitting a child going to teach the child that bullying is wrong?

You seem to be arguing with someone not present on the thread.

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