Thursday, March 17, 2011

Lucia Racism is being redefined by Tariana Turia

"... when someone denigrates another culture, then for me that's racist."

That was Tariana Turia responding to what Hilary Calvert said in Parliament yesterday. To me, that is Tariana Turia seeking to redefine what racism is by expanding it's meaning.

Not all cultures are equal. Some cultures are downright revolting and deserve to disappear into the dustbins of history. I'm happy to denigrate all cultures that fit into this category.

Racism really means unreasonable discrimination against those of a different race despite common beliefs and attitudes. Kind of what Tariana Turia's Maori Party stands for.

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Anonymous said...

Racist? No.

Culturalist? Yes. But so what? As you say, some cultures are crap.

I find it odd (interesting?) that so many supposedly intelligent people cannot separate race and culture. possibly a hangover from muliciulti policies that in effect really meant multi-racial policies.

But i'm used to it. I get called anti-semitic whenever I criticise Jewish ritual slaughter and support banning Shechita.

Lucia Maria said...


Do you also support banning the ability of individuals to slaughter their own animals?

Anonymous said...

We have laws to protect animals from cruelty. These laws should not be broken without consequences, nor should there be exemptions given on the grounds of religion.

How odd that an Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnibenevolent god couldn't design animals that could live without needing to kill other animals.

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