Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lucia Excessive Damage Control?

Darren Hughes, a Labour opposition MP, is being investigated by the police for some sort of incident with a young man, age 18. Darren says he's done nothing wrong, but he doesn't say what it is that he is accused of.

What I find interesting is the level of damage control that Kiwi-Blogger, David Farrar is undertaking. The post on this issue has comments turned off. Comments in the General Debate that indicate glee at what is occuring to Darren or any indication that he is guilty are deleted.

I've not seen this level of damage control for any other Labour MP undergoing police investigation. It's almost as if the potential male sexual nature of these allegations elevates this person to a special level of protection.

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bez999 said...

This of course follows nicely on your heated argument with Clint, and, indeed, appears to support your contention that there are different rules for different people when it comes to matters that have a, shall we say, certain moral context. The whole sordid thing has overtones that remind us of other issues involving certain labour MP's, such as Mr Carter and Ms Clark.
End of the day, having a certain sexual attitude seems to give immediate rights to taking a certain moral high ground based on alleged victimization otherwise. A sort of a-priori mitigating affirmative action.

Chuck Bird said...

I have heard someone mention wife and kids. Does anyone know if that is the case?

Lucia Maria said...

Chuck, there is nothing in his biography or his wikipedia page.

Muerk said...

He is innocent until proven guilty and I think we should remember and respect that. I have no idea what the incident is about and I think it is prudent to wait and see before we make a judgement. As for damage control, perhaps that is because they know something we don't.

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